Torrie Wolfe

The only thing in your life I want to make hard, is your dick!

Enjoy the words of a past time client, when I told him I had no clue how to describe myself … so he wrote these words:

Torrie is the girl you know. She’s out of your league but she’s your buddy. She’s the hot bartender you could never approach outside of this bar but she’ll wink and smile at you as she delivers your drink. She’s the tight hottie who works down the hall from you. She’s kind, maybe even flirtatious but you know she’s unavailable to you. But it doesn’t stop you from contorting your neck so you can watch her ass walk down the hall. She’s the beautiful woman in your apartment building you hope to run into on the elevator. She chats to you like a pal and you laugh at her jokes as you awkwardly manoeuvre to hide the bulge that is forming in your pants.

Torrie is gorgeous but she doesn’t lord it over you. You enjoy her company and you love to make her laugh which she does easily and without any affectation.  She’s casual but always stylish.  She’s the girl next door but she might as well be a million miles away from you.

But Ms Wolfe is harder to see. It’s that hint of dirtiness that she only let’s you see in brief glimpses. Maybe you notice it first with her long deadly nails. She clicks them absent-mindedly as she gazes out in the distance. You know she’s thinking about doing something naughty with those nails. You imagine her dragging them down your back or driving them into your ass as you thrust into her. Maybe they are clenched around your balls – dangerous but exciting. She catches you looking. You both know exactly what you’re thinking about. She pulls down on her lip with one of those perfectly sculpted nails, smiles and winks. You melt. But it ends as soon as it starts- the Wolfe  scampers off out of sight.

Maybe you saw the Wolfe as she leaned over your desk. You suddenly notice the curves that she is accentuating with her clothes that might be one size too tight. Her breasts, her hips – the curves alone are enough to drive you wild. She knows you’re looking. She bends a just a little bit lower, making sure you get an eyeful of her gorgeous tits. Your eyes meet – you feel the wolf’s gaze. Are you the hunter or the prey?  It doesn’t even seem to matter…

You definitely saw the Wolfe in the way she makes herself up. No bubblegum gloss or cherry red nails for this woman. It’s dark colours on her nails and lips – a rich red, a deep blue, a black as dark as midnight. These are the colours of a woman on the hunt. They lure you in, make you wonder what’s possible. But nothing is more alluring than the wolf’s eyes.  Smokey eyeshadow surrounds those gorgeous almond eyes. She can try but she cant hide their passionate fire. They scream mischief. They crave excitement and you cannot resist them.

Then, beyond your wildest dreams, she’s in your hotel room. You’ve now entered the wolf’s den. As she sheds her clothes, you witness perfection. Her body is toned and fit – but nothing about it is hard. It’s soft as woman’s body should be.  The curves you glimpsed before are now on full display. Her deceptively large breasts – pert and receptive to your touch. Her legs stretch for miles. She spreads them – their perfect lines draw you in to where she wants, where she needs you to focus. Her ass moves in a way that drives you wild.  Those curves driving deep urges in you that make you more animal than man.  Her skin is healthy with a hint of that Mediterranean olive complexion that feeds her fire inside. And her pussy – perfect in every way it could be – it glistens with her juices and lures you like you’re in a trance.

Your hers now. The Wolfe owns you. Maybe she’ll dominate you. Maybe she’ll submit to you – either way, she’s in charge. You are doing her bidding.  The experience that follows will be burned into your mind long after she leaves you. You won’t be the same.

-written by a client in late 2018

a Taste of Torrie

“I strive for quality over quantity, and with doing so I make my available time limited. Please be fully ready to book and make solid plans, so we can move forward and really start having fun. I always offer a selfie for any Gentleman, proceeding all screening and solidifying a date. If you don’t want to wait for a delightful Treat”


Need some genuine company, let’s get together, learn more about each other, laugh, talk, and mingle outside of the bedroom.  
We can stay in the city or go for an escape … or even go on a random adventure to create a memory together. 
Always available to be a date to attend your special event. A friend to have by your side at a movie, ballet/opera, a concert and more. 

Vehicle (& passport) ready to travel out of the GTA and meet you!!

1 HR ……………………………… 150
90 MiNS……………………….. 240
2 HRS ………………………….. 300
2.5 HRS  ……………………….. 375
3 HRS ………………………….. 500
additional half hr ………….. 50
additional hour  ……………100

*does not include intimate time 


Visiting the city and feeling lonely in your accommodations? A bachelor living alone and need some fun and tantalizing company? Plenty we can do together in the comfort of your space … cook a meal together, play board games, or a little Netflix and “chill”. 
Let’s get me to you and spend some time together, in the comfort of your own space.    

Vehicle (& passport) ready to travel out of the GTA and meet you, an additional travel fee may be requested by Uber GC, also parking fees to be compensated as well

​​1 HR …………………………….. 300
90 MiNS ………………………. 450
2 HRS ………………………….. 600
2.5 HRS ………………………… 750
3 HRS ………………………….. 900
additional half hr…………..150
additional hour ……………300

​*90 minute minimum first time clients


Come to me and let me draw out your inner animal.  I strive to create a fun sexual dynamic with my partners, finding a common connection that brings out a comfortable trust to be yourself.
We can start with a sensual massage, where you run your hands all over my responsive and wanting body, exploring a tease of what’s to come.  Your own insatiable toy.  

Street parking is available, exact address and directions will be shared prior to the date on the day of

1 HR …………………………….. 350
90 MiNS ……………………… 500
2 HRS ………………………….. 700
2.5 HRS  ………………………. 850
3 HRS ………………………….1000
additional half hr…………..200
additional hour ……………350

​*90min minimum first time clients

Please email to inquire about any longer date options, I do have a preference and guide to dinner dates, and love overnights as well.

NO NEGOTIATIONS (trying to barter with rates will block you, if you can’t afford it do not proceed)  Exchange is to be held 1:1 at local currency of where the date is taking place. 

Let’s be adults and agree to…

Discretion and Privacy

I know your privacy, discretion, and safety is incredibly important – which means it’s as equally important to me. We both have personal (and professional) lives that we want to keep private.  I have no intention of ever sharing your personal details, as I strive to be your returning confidante, and give you a safe space to be yourself.  That privacy goes both ways.  For that,  the exact street address of the in-call location will be shared with you prior to our date, on the day of.  A general area is made clear here, and directions will be shared so you have ample time to park.  

I promise full discretion when we meet each other – and thereafter! If we ever bump into each other in public, please refrain from approaching or calling out my name.  There’s a chance I may be with another Gent, or my friends an family (we’re not all out to our families, and mine has no idea). I commit to doing the same always if our paths cross, to keep our naughty fun secret safe.

Now Let’s begin

To be able to greet you at the door or show up to you, in an outfit you have fantasized me in, will be my absolute pleasure. Let’s chat about what you desire and how I am going to make it come true.  I’d love to show up and meet your visual fantasy.  If there is something specific, we can arrange the purchase of said outfit by eTransfer or an online gift card.  Also if you request I do a full face dramatic (your idea of PSE  dark smokey sexy) makeup look, there will have an added contribution of 100 to the rate.  I will otherwise greet you proudly wearing a very light, to no, make up. 

I also pride myself in great hygiene and ask for you to do the same. A shower is supplied for you, as I also will have taken one minutes prior to your arrival, you are to shower as well. This is non-negotiable and mandatory.

In the Envelope

Let’s start our encounter off right.  After we have the pleasure to finally embrace hello and get situated the next step is to finalize the contribution. It would be even more appreciated if I didn’t have to make the request to take care of things before we start any fun.

In-call location: please place the donation, in an unsealed envelope, on the nearest table in clear sight. Please have this organized before your arrival, p.s. most (if not all) bank machines have envelopes which are convenient (and free). 

Outcalls: please have the envelope ready and waiting for me in the restroom on the counter, I will excuse myself to use the washroom after meeting.  If there is social time prior to going back to the outcall location, you are to do the following. 

Social dates, I would like for you to greet with a card, containing the donation inside the unsealed. This will be a fun and discrete way to settle what can be an awkward situation in public.  Not the mention it will be adding to celebration of our meeting. 


To book a date, references of two recently visited reputable providers will be expected, with a minimum 20% deposit via EFT (or amazon eCards). If you have NO references what so ever you will be asked to also send a selfie, while holding a government issued ID (which is to be visible in your selfie) with your full name legible (only name and picture need to be shown).

Your personal details will be kept very much to myself.  This request is to put anxiety for safety at ease, an increase my excitement to meet and share myself with you! If you are the trusted Gentleman you say you are, there is nothing to worry about.  

If you do not want/can send an EFT (I understand the many reasons) or for your screening option when you’re not wanting to send photo ID online leaving a footprint. This is when I am quite fortunate to having a great intuition when meeting people, so this is how you can keep your name “secret”. I have a few options for you.

‘Meet n’ Screen’ (100)

A half hour coffee/cocktail date, to sit down and let my intuition be the deciding factor to us proceeding to schedule a date. At arrival a greeting card with contribution inside is to be presented, as per social date etiquette. At the end of this time together if I agree to see you I will ask (discretely) for the deposit at this time. If you do not have references prior to this meeting, you will also be showing me your gov’t ID.

‘Snap n’ Screen’ (75)

Subscribe to a minimum month of my Premium+ Snapchat and have a video call with me, showing your ID in our conversation, this option works best for those still ok with sending an EFT but not ID photo … there will be no screenshots or recording, so your knowing that there’s no connection of your photo and my interaction. If EFT is still not an option then amazon eCards are to be sent for both screening and deposit. First of 75 prior to our SC call, and then the deposit to be sent directly at the end of our call.

For my across border/ocean Gents, international travel is welcomed, we will discuss how to make the process as easy as possible.  I will not travel into the US for one single night, unless I am driving into a close neighbouring city to the Niagara Falls or Windsor border (email for rates and more information).

I invite to you please email and text me any questions, I may have not clarified for you.  I want you to feel 100% secure in your choice to visit.

The fine print …

Cancellations with less than 12hrs (not including the hours of 11p-7a while asleep) notice will result in losing deposit (within reason with proof for some cases, I understand shit happens), when more than 48hrs notice is given your deposit will be credited to your rescheduling.  If you cancel your rescheduled booking, you will then forfeit your deposit completely.  If for any reason I have to cancel an appointment due to an emergency, we will reschedule with a 10% discount applied to the remainder owed. If rescheduling is not an option we will arrange the return of your deposit, if for what ever reason I am the one cancelling with out sound reason.

Refusal of showering will forfeit the date with no refund.  Same applies if you fail to wash yourself properly,  services will end and you will be told to leave. If meeting you at your home, please note that I have the right to leave without return if I feel unsafe or your hygiene/cleanliness is unacceptably filthy and a risk to my own health and well being.

I will not tolerate any uninvited profanity, crude or explicit behaviour in your correspondence.  I am not asking for more of a contribution or expectation to clarifying anything not mentioned with texting/emails.  But I also know what a time waster reads like, I will not tolerate it and you will be blocked.

*information will only ever be shared with other providers if you end up blacklisted due to your behaviour during either our interaction or time together.  I will ALWAYS inform you if this happens, as I am very tolerable to more behaviour than some. I am understanding, and do put out positive intent, so it takes A LOT to get me to ban you in any way. Being spoken to with intention to hurt/offend, asking for BBFS, or pushing my boundaries will not be accepted and instantly block/blacklist you.