shower head and a ruined bed

there is something so amazing with meeting up with someone you meet online and having some of the most fucktastic sex 

time to introduce you guys to a new Gent, and his reawakened love to eating pussy.  we first starting chatting on twitter and there was a great mix of sexy teasing and friendly banter.  at first I really thought that this would be someone that would remain an online ‘friend’, chat with share some jokes and share innuendos that would be some quality masterbation material.  it wouldn’t take long for a switch in mentality came along, he had me excited and teased, making me beg for his cock WITHOUT even seeing it.  I wanted this man in me, to put his words into action and have me cumming nonstop as he claimed he would.   He would tell me that there was something about me that brought out a dominating side of him that he didn’t know he had.  I drove the animal in him wild, that just wanted to be let out to play with me.  To fuck the shit out of me and we got to planning a date for it all to happen.

I booked an Airbnb since I do not host at my apartment, especially when we haven’t met in person yet.  It’s happening I thought, I am going to get fuuuuccccked in such a way that I neeeeded badly.   I am an insatiable girl, I want to have a cock in me, some how, almost always.  Not to mention I will deprive and edge myself pleasure before a date to work myself up to it.  With Him specifically I didn’t have sex for about a week before seeing him, but also didn’t play with myself or make myself cum for a little over 3 days prior.  I WAS BEGGING for him to be in me, I needed him to drive his cock into me hard at this point. 

The day came, just as I soon would be as well. He mentioned he loves a girl in  true natural beauty, no need for a full face of makeup, to not bother with lingerie (unless I really wanted to), he likes his women naked and simple.  I had a very light natural makeup look on, wore a simple bodysuit and a pair of jeans, just as I hoped he would like.  I went down to the door to get him as he arrived, with hard cock, some fruit to snack on and a hunger of his own.  The first thing I really noticed was how quickly his smile turned into a mischievous grin and my pussy throbbed with such an intensity. There was an instant comfort with him beside me, and as soon as the elevator doors closed his fingers went straight to teasing my pussy through my jeans.  I grazed over his cock and cursed the slow crawl of the elevator.  Every floor slowly past, as his fingers kept teasing my clit, while holding a casual ‘how was your day’ conversation. The insanity of our quick sexual chemistry was on fire, and I just wanted to rip my clothes off.

Finally getting into the apartment, it was time … and to be honest the first few minutes are a complete blur.  It’s like my pussy took over and the next thing you know I was dropping my pants and letting Him admire my plugged ass as I moved to get the shower running.  The low growling grunts of approval made me it clear to me that I was going to have a ferocious mouth on me any minute.  Clothes came off and we both got into the shower, kissing and feeling and just both needing to finally attack each others bodies with hungry mouths. My leg went up as he went down and the need of my edging, met his need to finally taste the juices dripping from my wet wet pussy.  AND GOOD LORD did he ever have me cuming so fast in his mouth and I could tell from his demeanour there was no way he was slowing down. The way he had me cum was driving me insane to get his thick cock into my mouth, I needed it.  Switching turns we ravished and devoured each other in the shower, filling our mouths with a hunger that we both had.  Getting out of the shower we made our way back to the bed, smoking a vape pen and just getting high and wetter. 

In no time we were tangled in each others limbs, when the time came for him to push his thick cock in me I knew he had what I needed so badly.  His cock fillllllled my tight pussy and made me cum with in a few trusts, so hard that it popped my little ass plug out.  We spent the next hour taking turns  being on top, him behind, and feeding his dick into my mouth.  I was obsessed with getting him into my throat, and I was determined to keep going until I did.  He found himself on his back and I slid over to take his cock back in my mouth, and while doing throwing my leg over him to straddle his face.  Here was a man who mentioned as much as he was loving eating pussy (because for some unknown reason he stopped), he wasn’t blown away by 69ing.  I didn’t care if he liked it or not, I wanted to soak his face with his cock in my mouth.  Working his beautiful dick deep into my mouth and I finally felt him fill my throat, and god did choking on it ever make me cum so hard.  I couldn’t stop, he fucked my mouth as I rode and spilled my juices all over his face.  Grinding my pussy on his mouth until I needed him to fill it again, I begged for him to fuck me more.  He needed a minute and got out of bed, I just couldn’t stop being filled by his hard dick.  I hung over the bed like a hungry ravening dog and took him back into my mouth as quickly as possible. Standing up, I bent over the bed giving him access to my greedy pussy and he started to fuck me again.  So hard I was screaming and moaning in such pleasure, we moved the bed across the room and were in no way close to being finished.

At this time I had no idea how we haven’t stopped touching each other, every time one of us pulled away the other would fill our mouths with each others beat up sex.  My pussy was throbbing from his cock but also I just wanted more.  The animal in him wasn’t done yet, filling my beat up pussy we fucked and fucked until every one of our muscles were spasming.  We were drenched in sweat, and lying in the mess we made when I grabbed a vibrator and had a mission on mind to make him cum like nothing else he’s experienced, especially since my pussy was still praising his cock. I was at the point where I was just continuously cumming and spasming with every thrust he gave me.  I needed him to cum as hard as I could help, so using  it to tease his ass, I sucked his beautiful cock and balls, licked his ass and just moving the vibrator around teasing him. Then he started stroking his cock as I concentrated on his balls and ass, then came hard covering his stomach with the results of what was one of the wildest non stop sessions we have had in a very long time.  

He was covered in his cum, and I was grinning like a fool over the intensity we both just shared.   We fucked like insatiable animals for an amazing 2 hours, and in that moment I knew I would have kept going. I brought him a warm towel to clean himself and relax as I went into the shower again. As I washed our sex off of me, I felt so bruised and tender and incredibly satisfied. The only thing missing was him filling my ass, and it’s weird to think the only reason he didn’t is because we didn’t think about it, that’s how intense and amazing our fucking was.  That night I welcomed Him into the Wolfe pack, one where our animal instincts to fuck and cum take over.  An amazing pack to be a part of that’s for sure.

One thought on “shower head and a ruined bed

  1. Holy fuck, you just officially made me wet reading this. I damn near masturbated, probably would have in different circumstances. I really enjoy your story’s, please don’t stop, and thank you for the visual. Definitely put a smile/ grin on my face.

    Liked by 1 person

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