feed me + fuck me = happy me

I was asked to go out on a date where I would stay over to be there to be his breakfast, my response was pretty quick to say yes … as long as he also made me something to eat as well.  If I am being fed, after getting fed (mmmm we know what I’m talking about), I am one very happy girl! 

He mentioned he didn’t want me done up at all.  He preferred me with no makeup and as natural as possible.  Easy peasy, I am as confident without any makeup on as such as I am with a full glam face of makeup.  So I got ready and even though he also said I didn’t have to “dress up” I still did.  I love wearing lingerie, so I went with a very strappy, very sexy metallic green, completely crotchless number. I felt great, and excited to see what he had planned.  So I get into my truck bopping along to the music and drove to meet him at his place.  Of course I had to fuck up somewhere along the line, and I got there EARLY! 

He had been setting up and I ruined the surprise he was laying out for me.  This man read my blog, he read my timeline, he “studied” and boy did he pass.  Starting with my favourite fruits to snack on while he got things ready, he slowly presented me with so many treats and my favourite things.  Potted flowers  to bring home, Reese cups, (dairy free) ice cream, a bottle of scotch, sparkling wine, and Port wine (to add to my collection) for me to bring home with me.  While I was there with him he had tiramisu and catered to my somewhat picky diet.  It was wonderful and I was being truly spoiled, he wanted to make an impression and it was working.  

We went for dinner and I had told him earlier I would love for him to make me cum while we ate, to slide his fingers into what was a soaking horny pussy.  I haven’t made myself cum for close to three days, I was READY!  We got to the restaurant and the hostess sat us in the corner, a nice quiet table, that had us also sitting so far apart from each others reach.  There was no way he was going to reach my pussy from where he was sitting, and the way the tables were set up it was made impossible to adjust the seating. It was just an added torture to be sitting so close to who would be making me cum soon, not to mention for him looking at what he has been craving most for weeks.  We had an amazing dinner, and an equally amazing server that was playing along with my silly banter.  He just laughed with me, seeing me in action and that I really have very little filter.  Amused with how I teased and played along with our server, we had a great time.  When finished to leave we were brought a free piece of tiramisu cheesecake (my absolute FAVOURITE dessert)  to take home with us, to thank us for being so fun and to welcome us back.  

As we left I was ready for our own dessert, I wanted him to devour and clean up the mess building up between my legs, dampening my thighs as there was nothing to catch the drip of my pussy.  Getting into his car his hand went directly there, spreading my legs for him, sliding in to a ready and wanting hole.  His eyes sparkled and that just got me more excited, then taking his hand back to slowly just lick his fingers clean.  Mmmmm yes yes yes, thank you for choosing somewhere very close to your place.  We were back to his place and pulling clothes off pretty quickly.  Laying back he was quickly diving into eating my pussy and it was there I came over and over.  His hungry mouth devoured me,  while his fingers explored the inside of my throbbing hole making me cum so hard, getting my legs quivering around his head begging to be fucked.  

We fucked, licked, teased and played with each other until I we were both in need to take a break. Lighting the fireplace we had dessert in bed after working up an appetite, having tiramisu and fruit while laying naked.  Watching a movie, and occasionally taking a break to finger me and lick my tender pussy to have me cuming as much as possible while I was there with him.  Spent we fell asleep, smiling and oh so satisfied. 

The next thing I remember was turning over to stretch, and in that moment His fingers found his way to my still wet and wanting pussy.  To where he then went in for a taste and had me panting and arching my back giving him my greedy pussy wanting more.  He got me sweating and begging to fuck, which we did of course and when we were done I just laid back in a wet mess and to a “good morning Torrie”.  “Yes, yes it is!” … nothing better than being told then to relax as coffee and breakfast would be on the way soon.   He made me scrambled eggs and eggos, which if you follow along my twitter you would know thats one of my favourite treats for breakfast.  I’m sure I surprised him when I said no to syrup and asked for peanut butter instead (seriously try it eggos and pb mmmmmm).  So here we were blissfully laying naked, fucked and fed and smiling ear to ear.  So why not go for one more round … this time he asked if he could take some pictures/film us.  You have to understand this … I can take ALL the media of myself, when I am in control of the camera.  But put me in front of someone else’s camera, and fuck do I ever get shy. So he got to meet the giggly shy Torrie that exists, and apparently it just made me oh so much cuter!   Before you all start asking NO I am not sharing the content more than …. 

I only plan to share any interesting content on my Instagram that will be running as of Jan 1st.

…. this.  I know you guys want to see me in action, I get it, but if you want that then it will be you gettttttting it in person 😉

So we went wild for another round, cuming once (who am I kidding it was more than once) again and making sure I was about to leave a very happy and satisfied man behind. As I showered he put all my goodies and gifts together for me to take home, along with the memory of being pleased all night long.  

It was time to go home and crash! I needed to sleep, but before I passed out I ate the cheesecake naked in my own bed … blissfully FULL and satisfied.

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