in the mean time

I know this isn’t the sexy, fuck me, kind of post I have done in the past. But it is a quick one to keep to my commitment of posting every Monday as I decided and planned for this new year.

Over the holidays I have been slacking, like a lot of us when family and friends take over, and failed to take notes for future posts. Which I am actually kicking myself in the ass now because I had quite a few encounters that were and are very post worthy! But it was a month to reset, to refocus and to reenergize.

I have seen a client another 2x since I have last written about him. There was another appointment with my favourite gent that was full of randomness and adventures (this I am definitely going to work on this week to post next week). I had the pleasure of meeting a total sweetheart, and an east coast gentlemen was in town for a quick work meeting and I got him in me as well.

this pout would like to meet a new cock soon

There has been a lot of fun these last month all in a few weeks actually. It’s all become a bit of a blur. But going forward I have a better structure and plan to make this a consistent diary for you all to follow along!

see you next week … with a juicy story that I hope to make those cock muscles flex hard and your lady juices flowing

I’ll be in my office every Monday to chat with you dirty fuckers 😉 xo-TW

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