mingled and tingled

It was exactly a month ago the last time I had the pleasure of having Him in me, and was it ever a treat. He had previously bought me some fun things off my wishlist that I brought along. The thought now, of walking to see him, wearing pearl thongs under my casual outfit, and how wet it got me tickling my pierced clit, that’s getting my pussy wet as I write this. Well that and the vibrator I am sitting on. But also remembering how much it hurt when my ready horny clit got pinched between two of the pearls, note to self … wear with loose dress next time and not tight jeans.

Earlier in the day a I was also spoiled by a gentleman and he had sent me a Lush GC to treat myself to some relaxation and TLC. It went to great use buying muscle soothing bombs, knowing after my date, that would be exactly what I would need. So I was set, my day was going to be fucktastic. I would soon be cuming on his wonderful cock and then afterwards be able to soak in a nice hot bath. So all of this and my good mood, assisted by the glass of wine and weed I had before I left my place, was putting me on cloud 9 and I was just soaking with excitement. I got to the hotel and walked in, He was there waiting, and my pussy just twitching to the foreseen pleasure to come.

I dropped everything as quickly as possible, I wanted to get naked! Not to mention get my jeans away from the occasionally pinching pearls. Shortly after our hellos and dropping our clothes, we both found our way into the shower and it didn’t take long for him to be eating my pussy like he does so well. Soon we were taking turns devouring each other and he had my legs wobbling in the shower, feeling how badly I needed what was to come.

Getting out of the shower we smoked some more and got so stoned. Which got me even hungrier to feel myself pump my pulsating pussy around his cock. We fucked, wild, hard, animalistic like fucking should be. We fucked until I couldn’t hold myself up with my legs shaking so hard … and it was then that he didn’t give me any option and had my pussy back in his mouth. I can’t even remember how he got me into some positions he did, but I was pinned under his legs, while I rode his face, on my back and I came so much. He had me begging to get his cock back in me, but this time I got my collar out and he fucked me from behind making me cum over and over as I choked on the pulling collar.

I put the wrist restraints on him next, and instantly we were looking for ways to fuck. We were going to tie him up but it didn’t last long and he had me pressed up against the winters cold wet window. Bending me down he pushed into me, fucking me while I felt the side of my face cool off on the window as I slid and lost my grip getting me down grabbing my ankles and feeling my neck pull back by his hand on the lease. We were dripping and sliding everywhere so he pulled me to get over the bed and fucked me slow as I begged more and more. Over and over and over until his dick was back in my mouth and he came with me sucking his full balls.

Laying there and basking in the mess of sweat plus my exhausted pussies juice, we laughed. Finally we caught up, got higher, and went for second shower. Soon after we ordered room service, it didn’t take long and we were back at it for round two.  I had literally been fucked blank. I had nothing on my mind, I was in an after sex bliss that I couldn’t focus on much around me, let alone other people.

SOOOOOO why not go to another providers christmas mingle party, high as fuck, and not sure if I yet wanted to introduce myself so openly in the industry. I probably looked so unapproachable and like a total bitch; and if you saw me sorry I didn’t say hi, I could not put together proper sentences together with the day I just had still lingering strong on mind. It was a fucktastic and stress releasing night I needed, and in the morning I took a glittery hot hot bath, feeling every muscle smile in pain as I was once again fucked properly by Him.

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