the torrie date experience

I have been asked and asked by multiple suitors about going out and getting to know me better. Wanting to go on dinner dates and longer day coffee/walking adventures. More so with the intention to getting more on a personal level, and a true girlfriend experience. Which first of all I want to let you know I am very flattered by being asked, it wasn’t fully my intention. But I really like the idea of you wanting to spend time with me, out of the bedroom. I very much understand the appeal to wanting to go out first, for so so many reasons beyond just general comfort level and reassurances. So I thought I would use this as an opportunity to write a blog post, since it’s been way too long. That being said there is a full ‘what’s been going on/update’ post to be up soon.

Before posting and offering a detailed rate flyer and options to different packages with a mix of social and play time, I wanted to give a new client incentive for a social time rate. I know there are many of you wonderful gents who are nervous to jump into a phyiscal meeting right away, especially with contributing to the time. This is a great buffer to go ahead and invest in some quality naughty time. You could also be someone who just needs a pretty girl to go have dinner with, and have a wonderful distraction from your daily stressers of business or personal life. Lets go get out of the city and escape into some nature, or find a dive bar and go get drunk together. Go out and play a game or five of pool or go out dancing?!? So here is a little more about me. I would like to think twitter is what brought you here in the first place. BUT if not and you’re only starting to get to know me ….

I am a very easy going person, if you haven’t noticed already I like to be myself and speak my mind. It definitely has its pros and cons to that, but judging from all the laughter, hugs and smiles in my life I think it’s more pros for sure. I love hearing, when I meet someone for the first time, “wow, you really are exactly like how you are on twitter” and that makes me so fucking happy! I want to be as genuine of a person as possible. But then there are some cons to it … Sometimes I say the wrong things, sometimes I say the things you don’t want to hear but need to, sometimes I call you out on your bullshit, sometimes I stand up to my values and beliefs and stubborn as fuck. oh wait those are still awesome things! hahaha Unless you’re an asshole. Which if you are, please don’t bother! That all being said, I really do give non biased advice and opinions if you really just want someone to talk to. I have been told I give really great advice and a good intuition about people. Disclaimer, I do not enjoy talking about religion or politics, but I have gone to school for Chemical Engineering and Esthetics, so I do have lots to talk about!

I am a very confident person and quite loud about it online, because I am proud of who I become in my lifetime. but I promise you I am very easy to talk to. Please do not mistaken by my self-strength and what can be an intimidating appearance (come on I have a good posture and am almost 5’10), as having arrogance and a too good for you attitude. It’s tiring to read that as a response when I turn down a request while I am busy. I was taught to treat others equally. I am not looking for drama and a gossip filled life. I am not young and naive, being in my 30s I have a life of relatable stories in one way or another. But most of all … I don’t live my life to satisfy the opinion of others. I want to satisfy YOU, but I won’t be able to do so if you’re not happy with who I am as a person.

I am younger in this industry yes, but in no way am I young to the client service industry and getting down to what someone wants. My almost 20 years of work experience has always been a costumer service job (food/bar/spa/retail/grocers/salon/events). I am very good at what I do, my work ethic, and being able to find what a person really wants. I love doing what I can to bring it to them, to be the one responsible for making you happy and leaving satisfied finding what you came for. It also really turns me on, I truly love being able to be the one making someone happy. Finding a connection with someone has become my skillful trade, and it makes for a comfortable environment together quite quickly.

Lastly … or not, I do find quite a bit to talk about when I get high. But there’s that! I love to smoke weed and have for a very long time. I am open about it and have always mentioned it. It is something I really enjoy in life, I most likely will be high when we meet. But it’s also the person you have come to read about, become intrigued by, hopefully captivated by. If you get annoyed or bothered when I do in person, then I am not the girl for you to see. Don’t jump ahead and think this means I can’t go with out smoking and that I will just light up anywhere. I am very adaptable and know how to blend into my surroundings (even while standing like a tattooed amazon). I do not like drawing too much attention to myself, and actually quite introverted in a large social crowd. I wouldn’t for example bring a massive joint in the intermission of a ballet or opera, and smoke in front of everyone there. I will however bring my vap pen for a date like that.

I value discretion and privacy, most definitely, but more so for you!!! I want you to be comfortable and happy. So when emailing me about a date, I want it to be with as much detail as possible to what you are hoping for. Not what you hope I like about you, or how you are going to please me and be great company. I want to know what you would like to do together … DO not go out of your own comfort level in choosing a place to eat that you are unsure of being at. I am a very easy going person, so please do not rely on my choosing the options of where to go. But have no problem helping to narrow one down with you. I am happy being out wearing sneakers and getting a (veggie) hotdog as we are out for a stroll, to being in a cocktail dress and sexy heels. I will need to know where we are going ahead of time as well. I want to make the experience perfect for you and if I am aware of the atmosphere and menu before hand it will help also to calm my own anxieties. Once we have seen eachother regularly, I am open and excited for surprise dates as well.

For the rest of the month of May I am open to booking some social time dates. This is available to ALL MY NEW clients! Any existing gents wanting to go on a social with me please message and we’ll work something out. I am open to whatever it is you would like to do, but please keep in mind I do reserve the right to turn something down. Sadly I do in fact need to add that in this post! Really, please do NOT be shy if you have any questions. Email me at for arranging a date, I am sure I forgot to mention something here. Your inquiries will help me clarify my post if needed, but more importantly … it’s the first step to booking some time with me xoxo. Please include date and time, your general plan for the date, screening references of recent providers, or a photo of gov’t ID … I have a vehicle and open to travel out of the city *a deposit may be required with far distances and a gas station eGiftCard is acceptable.

As of now I am open with availability on any day from May 24th to the 31st … and this offer will most likely continue on for at least the first couple weeks of June! I am currently working on packages that will involve some naughty naked time together. Which can always be our follow up date. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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