“Date” Torrie

Every person has a little animal in them. Everyone!!!! I have a way of pulling them out of hiding, bring your inner beast out and let you explore and really play. THAT does not mean ALL I do is fuck like a wild Wolfe! Wilde fucking may be my calling card but it’s just a bonus … 😏 I can’t give a play by play to how any date will work out, or say I can offer a certain experience for you. Everyone is different, which means every experience and interaction will be as well.

My brand, or my image, is very versatile. I’m a little chameleon when it comes to how I dress, and adapt to my surroundings very quickly. Just as I do with my suitors, a sexual dynamo is just a small part of what makes the whole experience something I aim to sear into your mind. There have been too many clients asking for “x,y, & z experience” and that’s fine, it’s just not me. I can’t narrow done every ‘service’ I will do for you, I offer connection, I offer no judgement, I offer comfort, I offer you a space to feel utterly as yourself! Everyone has a hidden sexual desire, I hope I can fulfill it for you!

I know there is only so much you can get from reading a blog post, or seeing pictures on social media, when trying to figure out the personality and someone you want to spend time with. I always hope that my clients are gravitated to me for seeing something genuine. I really am what you see and read, and I hope you find out soon. It is ALL about you, and making sure I can help make you smile. I strive on making people happy, and can’t tell you how excited I get when I can see I do that for you.

I encourage you to please email me and ask anything you are curious about. If you want pure anonymity to a question go to CuriousCat and ask me there. I am a very interacting little whore (or not so little at almost 5’10), and love to build up to the anticipation of meeting. I want nothing more than for you to be comfortable with what we are doing and where we are. Let’s start chatting and see if our personalities mesh.

Interested? Have I peeked your attention?

Do you need a confidant by your side and just talk over coffee? Someone cute to share some nachos and a pitcher of beer together? A casual, or sexy, dinner date to vent with? A distraction to have over a few drinks with? Let’s enjoy a random night, start off at a small bar and end up dancing until the early hours of the morning? If all of this sounds ideal to start off with, let’s book some social time and head over this way … “#dateTorrie

Do you need a visual stimulation of a fantasy fulfilled? Someone dressed in lace and soft to the touch? Strong hands and an eagerness to release your physical tension? A sensual rub down, as I explore your body? Someone who wants to let her own animal out to play with you? A senusal experience that will live on with you, for what I hope to be, forever. Something I can only narrow down as … “The Torrie Experience

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