once upon a time …

I used to write about the sexapades experienced on my dates and meeting new Gents … I am sure you have noticed browsing through my posts. Let me tell you now why I stopped. Although there are many reasons I can write about, the two of the biggest reasons are based from the exact same source … clients.

I love to tell my gents, prior to meeting them, that chances are I MIGHT write about our session together, never using names, and keeping discretion top of mind. So a majority of these suitors will go and catch up, and go read my blog. Diving deep into my posts … there have been a handful of times where I would be asked to recreate a specific scenario I wrote of in our meeting. Even had someone specifically request for me to relive my “tingle and mingled” experience with Him. Also while being physical with a date, a suitor asked if he was performing to my standards and writing expectations! Which personally in that moment didn’t at all feel great.

So picture chatting with a booked client trying to find out their hidden desires and passions, to use the time to learn how to make their visit memorable and an experience all their own. To only hear, so I want to fuck just like you did in the post blah blah blah and then read the story within the week. UMMMMMMM what? That instantly put me off that I cancelled the date in the reply. Or having a wonderful time with someone, to hear within the days to come “didn’t write about our night, must not have been a good time huh?”

I could rant and keep going about the whoas … but all I want to set clear is that YOU guys are the reason I started to write about the experiences. I want to entertain you, captivate you, and make you feel like you’re here with me until we can make it happen! But it’s also YOU who have stopped me.

I enjoy being able to write for you and using this as one of the many creative ways to share a part of who I am. I miss it. So I am going to TRY to write a weekly post. BUT this time it will be a little different. My sexapades posts will not be “reenactments” of my encounters, but just inspired by them. My posts going forward will simply be short erotic stories, that may be exaggerated or played down, not to be used as a review to our time or a play by play. But a way to do what I love … share my desires for the purpose of getting your dicks hard (and lady bits wet) as fuck , and well to entice you to experience me first hand of course!

So for now my furry little pups, this Naughty Wolfe is a little busy with some time away for a little road trip soon. As of July I will be releasing the drafts and start tantalizing you with more of how this mind works

until then i’m thinking of you

5 thoughts on “once upon a time …

    1. No, the blog is very much just an outlet to share my stories and experiences. Benefit for clients to also get a feel for who I am. But when clients come to my blog they want to be in it and then the pressure makes the fun go away

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      1. Question. Was there pressure writing the first time? You found a way then? The truth is why they ….came.
        Tell the truth! Give them what they want. Be honest and straight about all that pleases you! They want that. I would. Some will want to prove you wrong. lol
        Good ones will come back. Worth it? I can’t wait to find out!! lol


      2. We’ll see what happens. All in all I miss writing so I am doing to definitely bring it back.
        I appreciate your feedback 😊🥰😘
        And no pressure at all, just felt natural. Until as I mentioned in the post

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